Until You Come

I always find it nice to work with my friends, because we practice our skills together and at the same time grow on our respective fields. Last month, my good friend JM Ching tapped me to do a shoot with him for a story and without thinking twice I said yes!


Until You Come Model: Louie Ngo – Mr. Chinatown 2016 / Photographs by Anne Piñero / Styled by JM Ching / Groomed by Marjorie Divina / Shoot assistant: Jet Bolado

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What’s in my bag

I’ve been wanting to do this challenge for a long time now and I am glad that I had the time to do it! Here i wanna share what is inside my everyday tote!  And figure out the question behind “Bakit ang bigat ng bag mo?

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Athletic aesthetic

I’ve been in a love – hate relationship with my weight since I learned about my BMI back in grade school, thanks for my P.E. class for the heads up and constant self nagging on how to gain weight and not to be underweight anymore. Fast forward to present I now have achieved a normal BMI at last after a long struggle of gaining weight #skinnyproblems.

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I just turned 25 yesterday and I am a bit scared yet giddy about it because the world is slapping me that in 5 years time I’ll turn 30! Now that I am 25 I promise myself that I’ll be a more responsible #adult that I can be. Be more kinder to the world and be more extra appreciative to everything.

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