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Typing this entry 4 days before the actual date of my 6th month mark here in the land of the rising sun, a.k.a. Japan. Living here is a pure bliss. Immersing myself where my heart wants to be ever since I was younger. I can’t believe all of these are happening now in my mid-20s. Life is such a dream come true to me.

I came here last December 2016 and, trying my best to live in a new environment. As the days pass by, I slowly learn things, not just about Japanese stuff, but also about life and being a fully grown adult. Ever since I was young, being raised by a conservative yet relaxed family in the Philippines, I did not imagine myself living separately from my family aside from getting married someday and being taken away by my future husband and live together with him (lol) in a different place. Upon arriving here I was surprised upon seeing how V E R Y independent the Japanese people are. They are taught to be independent ever since they are young. Children go to school alone, teenagers and early 20’s people live on their own! That fact shocked me like thunder in my veins because in Philippines, parents will not allow such because children must live with the parents/family until either they get married or have a really well paying job (which is very rare).

YOLO (You only live once) is still visible for me. I admit my almost twice-a week wal-wal in Manila was really over but I have a new meaning for wal-wal now here in Japan… that is going to Tokyo every weekend. I live in Saitama and the fact of riding the trains makes me very happy. Japan is such an advance country, more advance from the countries that I have been to. Every time I ride the train no matter if it is a subway or JR, I feel that people who lives in this country are very blessed, because they don’t need to sweat so much just to get from one place to another. It is that easy to travel! You can travel around the country from end to end using a train! I cannot even do that in my country ( duh, Anne Philippines is a collection of islands)

My first 2 months here in Japan was like a lucid dream. I cannot even believe that I am in a place where I just look at photographs and videos before! Last January 1, I said to myself that I will explore DEEP JAPAN, meaning more than the surface of what tourists see here. Everything sinked in to me when I went to Yokohama alone. From that day on from a gaijin’s view, I immersed myself slowly but surely like a sushi with wasabi dipped into the soy sauce. Bit by bit, I decided to learn how they live here. To be honest, I haven’t feel homesick so much yet because I’m having so much fun being “Dora the Explorer” here in Japan. Within a span of 6 months I am so happy to know the fact that I can read some Japanese even I don’t even know the meaning of the majority. I can order myself what I want whenever I go to a restaurant or whatever food place. I met interesting yet good people who turned to be my friends now.
I have another 6 months to fill with good things and I cannot wait to do it and write them all in my heart. All I can say and feel is that I think I have chosen the right path and I hope I will not screw anything for the time being.

My designer heart is also jumpy especially with Japanese art and design. I admire how they maximize their small spaces and how they manage to move in such limited areas. I remember studying how the Japanese do things back when I was still in design school and now I am experiencing and feeling it first hand! 

P.s. I am really thankful for the people around me especially to Kuya Eric, Ate Claire, Kaila, Gilbert, Justin, Leti, Akimisan and Ippeisan~

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