i just have finished looking back at my 24y/o self blogpost about my life back that time. Pretty much my life is still the same, still #YOLO and I still have my senses and I am happy I made it here without failing anyone aside from myself. 

The whole strech of my 25th year here on earth was so crazy! A lot of things happened, like I travelled a lot, I had several vacation trips with my friends, celebrated my 25th birthday on a full strech, travelled out of the Philippines TWICE! Met a lot of people, danced myself out while drunk… moved to Japan to chase dreams and be a better person. 

As much as I want to discuss more about my 25th but I really feel overwhelmed and overjoyed about my ups and downs in life and I still feel very #blessed. All I need to do now is to fulfill my 2017 resolutions and make my belly fat go to my boobs. wwww 

Anyway, I will turn 26 tomorrow so I need to actualize all these stuff I said lol 😀

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