As a very kind-hearted OFW, I would be sharing to you dear reader of this specific page my POEA processing experience. Because as you can see if you already know… POEA has new rules for processing our papers that you may read further on this page. I got hired as an art director in Japan so before anything I would like to clarify which path did I take.


After aquiring my Certificate of Eligibility (Oct 22) the 1st thing I did was to apply for my Japanese visa via Reli Tours in SM Megamall. My employer mailed my COE and received it around Oct. 27, I applied for Japanese Visa by Oct 31. The travel agency said that I can get my passport back after 10 days but I got it by Nov. 4.  Then I opted to have my medical exam prior to my POEA process application. I checked POEA’s website for the list of accredited medical centers for medical examination and I booked a date. Well on my case the medical center that I went on is open Monday-Saturday and okay for walk-ins so I decided to go there very early last Nov. 12. I received my medical examination results by tuesday the next week after I got my dental examination. I did everything while waiting for my papers from my employer. After I received my complete document papers I went to POEA asap!!!


As per my experience for medical exam, have it prior your plan to go to POEA to save time because if you go to POEA first before your medical exam it might take awhile to process your papers. There’s a long list of medical centers but if I were you get the one near your home. I have read and heard a lot of horrors about the dreaded medical examination. There’s nothing to be scared about just be confident, drink a lot of water, don’t skip meals, keep your chill and have faith on yourself that you will pass medical exam! On the process of medical examination, there’s dental. If I were you and you have a family dentist or trusted dentist on your own. Have your teeth checked and cleaned days before you go to the medical center to save time.


My employer made sure that I have complete requirements and even sent me a xerox copy of everything. The moment I received my papers from Japan I immediately photocopied everything 5 times because I assumed that I’ll be needing a lot of copies of those and I was right! A little bit of FYI… if you have read other blogs that you can get your OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE within a day please erase it on your mind starting today, yes today! Because POEA has new rules now.

Screencapped from POEA’s website notice. http://www.poea.gov.ph/services/workers/NH_Professionals.pdf

*Unang una, make sure that you have your papers complete and you should communicate well with your employer/contact person so both of you will have a smooth process.

DAY 1 – STEP 1

I went to POEA as early as I can because I want to be first in line. POEA’s office opens at 8 am but you can fall in line as early as 5 AM there. Guards at POEA’s gates are very kind. Since I got everything and had my medical in advance I just passed my papers in a breeze because I made sure that I have everything with me. Especially the papers from POLO, employment contract, addendum contract, typewritten statement on how I got the job and photocopy of my college diploma as attachment. For more kinds of attachments for your statement please see this page.  After passing everything, the next thing to do is to patiently wait for your name to show up on POEA’s announcement page


The moment I saw my name on their announcement page I shouted for joy and immediately went to POEA the next day!

DAY 2 – STEP 2

I again went to POEA as early as I can because I want to be early and be the first in line. I brought everything with me again and extra photocopies because I assumed that I need those copies again and I was right! Anyway ,upon entering POEA… I went straight to second floor and told the receptionist that my name is on the DOLE Clearance list already and he directed me which window to go. They once again asked for another set of photocopies of my documents and the original ones. To make things organized prepare yourself a LONG folder and clip your papers there using a paper clip. They will tell you which side you will place your original docs and photocopies. After submitting it to them they will ask you to fill up some forms and after filling it up they will tell you to attend PDOS seminar. PDOS seminar is one of the requirements for you to have your Overseas Employment Cert. (OEC) it is a very informative seminar about OFW stuff.  After the PDOS seminar you will receive your PDOS cert. right there and then! After the seminar you need to have your certificate photocopied then you may go back to the NAME HIRE Division room. Upon entering the NAME HIRE you need to get a number for you to be in queue to submit your papers. Once they will call you they will get your papers for review again and while they’re reviewing your papers they will give you again another form for you to fill up and just wait for your name to be called for the release of papers and payment… and you are good to go!!! ~~   GOOD LUCK FELLOW BAGONG BAYANI!!!!!


  • If you have an Ñ or any special character on your name, please do yourself a favor and have a notarized affidavit according to the spellings of your name. In my case Piñero and Pinero is also I.
  • Bring a list of your official numbers: TIN, SSS, PAG-IBIG, and PHILHEALTH
  • Bring kutkutin with you! What I mean by kutkutin is bring pastries, cookies and water because you cannot go outside POEA
  • Bring extra money just to be sure!
  • If you will bring a car, THERE’S NO PARKING SLOT. You will park in Robinson’s Galleria or if you have a driver just ask your driver to drop you off in Robinson’s Galleria just to be safe.
  • REMEMBER to have your medical examination on an accredited medical center only. You may see the list of accredited centers on POEA’s website.


POEA photo credit: www.mattscradle.com

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  1. Hi Anne! 🙂 Wanted to thank you for posting this and for clarifying the new process! It really helped me with my own preparations.

    Just to ask: do you remember how long it took for you to get your DOLE Clearance? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Ish! Thank you for youe feedback and you’re welcome 🙂 i dont wanna drop any specifics kasi iba iba yung releases e it depends kasi on how clear our papers are. Yung akin, pinakitaan ko ng kumpleto at maayos yung POEA and 1st batch ako don sa new implementation ginawa ko nun nag hintay ako ng 1week na lumabas sa website nila ung pangalan ko. Kahit na sabi nung POEA 1-2 weeks ung processing time.

    1. Hi kaye… Nung nag submit ako ng kumpletong papeles nag antay ako ng mga 1week para makuha ko ung DOLE clearance ko sakanila bale 2balik ako sa POEA

    2. That is not the case now. With my daughter’s DOLE clearance. It has been 2wks already. Sa mga nakausap namin dun na nakakuha na ng clearance, they went to DOLE at inabangan si Sec. Bello everyday just to expedite their clearance.

  2. Hello. Ask ko lang sana kung gaano katagal mo inantay na mag appear yung name mo sa Direct Hires with DOLE Clearance?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Hi Anne! Thank you for this very detailed post. Limited palang yung info about the new process. May I know what are the “papers from POLO”? I can’t find info about this.

    1. hi len! You can get it with the help of your employer sa PH Embassy kung saan ka man mag tratrabaho 🙂 Yun yung major KEY mo para makapag abroad

      1. Hi Anne, thank you for creating this blog post. All the other blogs that I read still don’t include the new DOLE clause. But the “papers from POLO” is still not clear to me, is this it? – Company Profile of Foreign Company/Employer, valid Business License or Company Registration of your Employer

        If not, what is it exactly? Thank you!!

  4. Hi Anne, how did you get a medical exam prior to proceeding to POEA? Did you just go to a medical clinic directly? Didn’t they ask anything (ie. endorsement letter)? Thanks!

    1. Hi JM just like what I have said, I checked the list of requirements ng POEA and checked the list of accredited medical examination centers. Pumunta lang ako don directly without any endorsement letter or whatsoever. Tinanong lang nila ako kung Direct Hire ba o agency, landbased ba o sea. ganern stuff. handa ka 5000 Php nasa ganong range kase babayaran

  5. Hi po to everyone,ask ko lng po sana Kung Meron po sa inyo naghihintay ng dole exit clearance under name hire. M’y new release n’a ang poea na? Pinaka latest us march,2017. Pls CAN i havé à Link of the List if You Know? Thanks…Marrianne

  6. Can I check with you, for the employment contract, does my employer need to courier to me the original verified copy or can they just email me a scanned copy?

    They are located in overseas but I am located in Manila. We are all confused about the process with the new regulations. Hope you can help 😅 Thanks!

    1. hi candy! of course you need all the original ones to show to POEA and you need to have atleast 6sets of photocopies for it. you may wanna use DHL for shipments para mas reliable

  7. Hi Anne,

    Is it really required to have a statement on how you were able to get the job? I went at the POEA office and I wasnt advised for that. And if so, should the employer provide this for me or ako na gagawa nito? Please advise.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for the info, I still have question, do they need specific dates like that? o wala naman. I just want to make sure para di na ko pabalik balik at tama yung papasa ko na requirements. Thank you so much for the help. This is my first time kasi. Salamat!

    1. yung ginawa ko hand written na may pirma ko sa baba na business type of letter format. anyway naging specific ako sa dates kung kelan ako kinontact tipong… “i got the job offer around July of 2016 though with blahblahblah ” ganong mga ganap tapos sinulat ko yun sa short bondpaper….

      ixerox mo lahat ng papeles mo 6 na beses pati ung mga xerox ng mga passport at ibang identifications mo tapos pirmahan mo narin ng tig 3beses sa gilid para sigurado. pag sa 2nd time mo na sa poea mag baon ka ng mga makakain kasi matagal ka mag hihintay

    1. hi shei, if you have read my blog clearly. it took me 2days day 1- pasahan, day2 (sa ibang linggo) whole day processing: pdos, mga bayaran, fillup fillup forms 🙂

  9. Hi Anne, thank you for your blog. Mahirap pala talaga magprocess. More than 1 week na at wala pa rin ang name ko sa list with dole clearance. Tapos holy week. Hirap talaga.

  10. hi anne, ano yung pinresent mong documents nung nag pa medical ka? meron ba one day makukuha na yung result? If meron, can you suggest medical clinic/s na pwedeng puntahan. Thanks

    1. Passport, 1×1 or 2×2, resume at ung COE yun yung mga requirement nung center na pinuntahan ko e. Di ako pwede mag suggest…. mag refer ka dun sa link kasi may duration of availability yung mga center na aprobado ng POEA

      1. Hello! 🙂

        Just like to ask RE: COE – COE ba ito na issued ng magiging overseas employer ko? Kasi yung ni-request ko lang na ipadala nila is yung POLO-stamped original contract, business license copy, and work visa. Wala po akong na-request na COE. Also, gusto ko po sana na unahin yung Medical exam habang hinihintay na dumating yung documents.

        Thanks po!

        1. Oops, sorry, stupid me. I thought COE meant Certificate of Employment, it was Certificate of Eligibility pala.

  11. Hi Anne, nice post! I have two concerns:

    1. Is POLO verification required also for professional or skilled workers?

    2. For the addendum contract, what is the content of this? If you dont mind, can you share the details?

    I am planning to contact my employer regarding the lacking documents so that I can have a smooth processing as well. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Abba,

      1. YES, try to read the first part of my blog again 🙂
      2. Basically an agreement on what will happen to you when you die….

      Hope this helps 🙂

  12. Hi Anne!

    Thanks for this very informative and detailed blog.
    I’m also bound to Japan as a professional worker. Unfortunately, direct hiring was banned since April 25. Praying that Secretary Bello will lift it soonest.
    Please bear with me. I have lots of questions/clarifications. 😀😁😄

    1. Do I need to have my statement (on how I got the job) notarized?

    (One of the applicants told me that I should have an affidavit on how I got the job and it should be notarized, but in my own understanding, it should only be a statement and no need to have it notarized. Am I right?)

    2. – Which clinic did you go to for your medical examination?

    -Were you able to finish the med exam in one day?

    -How may days will it take for them to release the medical certificate?

    3. Do I need to ask for a Ban Exemption Letter from my employer addressed to POEA and DOLE?

    4. Do I need to have my credentials and medical certificate authenticated by DFA (red ribbon)?

    5. The documents authenticated by POLO are my contract, passport, Certificate of Eligibility, visa, employer’s/school profile. Are those enough?
    How about my diploma and other credentials, they were not authenticated by POLO Japan because they didn’t ask for them anymore. Will that be okay?

    Thanks a lot! God bless.


    1. hi Madz!

      1.) I had mine hand written and unnotarized but if you wanna be sure and safe you may do it so.

      2.) I went to medicare makati but I cannot recommend it to you because each POEA certifide/accredited clinics has durations you may wanna check the link of accredited clinics by POEA.

      My medical exam took around 2 days because the dental part was kind of a pain. But like what I have said, have your dental stuff be done with your family dentist and go straight to the medical exam. The release of med cert depends to the clinic that you will attend to.

      3.) I don’t know what to do about this. I didnot experienced this. What was the reason why they banned direct hire? I thought it was already banned but they just ask for a lot of requirements.

      4.) No.

      5.) Yup, i dont remember my diploma and other credentals being authenticated only the contract, addendum, ids, employer’s side of papers, polo certificate, stuff like that

      goodluck to you! Hope this helped you ~

  13. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I also wish to have a smooth process as you did and would like to seek your advice regarding these.

    1. I read in other blogs that a clause that requires the employer to provide a ticket back to the Philippines when the contract ends should be included. Do you also have this in your contract? Does this also apply if you have a permanent position? I’m not sure if the company would be willing to spend a return ticket for me if I decide to leave them in the future.

    2. Do I need to have the signed addendum contract sent by post or is a scanned copy enough?

    3. Do you know any alternatives if the employer do not want to sign the addendum contract?

    4. Do you have a link where to get the addendum document? I also wanted to have my complete documents before going to POEA just like you 🙂


  14. Hello! Will they get all the original copies or just photocopies? Example the original verified contract etc is it for show and you’ll have it back durong processing or no returning back?

  15. Hi Anne!

    Thanks for posting this. The process of fixing papers are really tedious. Could you help me out with this too.

    Valid Work Visa, Entry/Work Permit, visa assurance or guarantee (whichever is applicable per country) — which one did you use?

    Honestly, I am a bit confused with what to do with POLO.

    I was able to get a job in Vietnam but apparently they do not have any idea on how to do it.

    I hope you could extend help to me regarding this.

    Thank you soooo much.

  16. hi po…ask ko lang po if yung addendum contract eh galing naba yan ng polo…after ma authenticate ang employment contract ibabalik ba yan ng polo kasama ang addendum contract?

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