Until You Come

I always find it nice to work with my friends, because we practice our skills together and at the same time grow on our respective fields. Last month, my good friend JM Ching tapped me to do a shoot with him for a story and without thinking twice I said yes!


Until You Come Model: Louie Ngo – Mr. Chinatown 2016 / Photographs by Anne Piñero / Styled by JM Ching / Groomed by Marjorie Divina / Shoot assistant: Jet Bolado

lowres-zalora-story-02 lowres-zalora-story-03

Until You Come is basically a story about waiting, how to kill time, thinking about if the person will really come or are we just waiting for nothing.

lowres-zalora-story-04 lowres-zalora-story-09

I already posted the story on my photography Instagram but I feel the need to blog about it and give it a little explanation about it.

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