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Skin first, makeup second – GLOSSIER

I heard about Glossier thru my good friend Steven and thru one of my girl inspos Martine. Steven told me that Glossier has a very nice range of skin care products that one must really try. He swear by Glossier especially to the ff: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dot Com and the Boy Brow. After our talk about it (which is very convincing), I wanted to try it too so bad as soon as possible. I searched for it on the interwebs and as usual the official site doesn’t ship outside US so I headed to Instagram asap and compared reseller prices. Good thing I landed to @glossiermnl. I made it to their batch 1 group and had a very smooth transaction with them and thereeee!



as per the photo above that’s the contents of Phase 1. A bottle of Milky Jelly Cleanser, a tube of Priming Moisturizer, a bottle of Perfecting Skin Tint, a tube of Balm Dot Com, a pink bubble ziplock where you can put all of your Glossier stash, a set of stickers, a back to back Glossier poster and a Glossier card.



Believe it or not… I SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT! IT’S THE HOLY GRAIL! It is beyond good and nice! It can do many kinds of job. It can remove makeup (except non-waterproof mascara), it is a literal no-more-tears kind of product, it made my skin nicer. I am not typing any bull here, it’s true it is a very nice product! Go ahead and try to read other people’s reviews about it just to prove to you that it is nice!

On my experience: 1st four uses, my facial skin reacted big time, my face swell like mad for an hour every after I wash my face. To be honest, I was positive about it and not really got scared because my mama told me “If it doesn’t have a reaction it doesn’t work”. After using it for over a week my face didn’t swell anymore but it felt really soft. I use it 2 a day, 1 during AM and before I go to bed. On weekends after I wash my face, I apply a black peel-off mask, for whitehead and blackhead removal and to my surprise the MJC is really a nice product because the peel-off mask made it to pick up a lot of gunk unlike my experiences before.

Will I try other products once it get it empty? N O, no. I won’t go back to my old facial cleansers or even try other products because I am very happy with it already, my mother and younger brother is happy with it also because they also use it.



You use it after you wash your face with the MJC. The Priming moisturizer was my life saver because it saved my face from dryness the time I went to a place with a different climate. It is suitable in all-weather conditions.

On my experience: I use it here in PH and abroad what I like it about the Glossier’s Priming moisturizer is I don’t feel greasy and a shade darker after applying on my face to compare with my experience with Olay and Ponds. I can double or triple the product use with Glossier’s moisturizer without the weird feeling. One thing that’s down about it is… the consistency of the product changes due to weather but it doesn’t affect much the product.

Will I try other products once it get it empty? I will stick with Glossier. It doesn’t feel icky on my face and it doesn’t make my face look dark.



You use it after you apply the moisturizer. If you are a no-makeup-makeup person on the go this is for you. I ditched my usual bb cream fix for this because it has a lighter feel for everyday use.

On my experience: I was kinda puzzled why the packaging was like it because it reminds me of glitter glue packaging. Anyway, I love the way that you will put the product directly on your face because you just need to shake and squeeze out the bottle.  Like what I said earlier I ditched the bb cream because I am lazy putting on makeup and I think I need to put on makeup even if I am very lazy because I go to work everyday LOL and I like the light coverage and aura it gives me. I got the medium shade because my skin tone is a mix of typical Pinay (Asian) white.

Will I try other products once it get it empty? I might try other products after I finished the bottle.



For me this is the THE HOLY GRAIL of all balms. They say this is just vaseline/petroleum jelly, no guys noooooo it’s quite different. Yes the uses are the same but for me the consistency is different. Petroleum jelly is too greasy and messy for me unlike this one it comes on a tube not on a tub.

On my experience: This balm helped me go thru the horror of chapped lips and dryness of wearing matte liquid lipsticks. I was a Carmex user before but after trying Balm Dot Com I like this one better. Aside from using it on my lips, I can apply it on my lids, cheeks, fingertips and elbow. For me this is the all-weather BALM!

Will I try other products once it get it empty? I want and will try other Balm Dot Com variants! This product is perfect for me.


✨ puffy ✨

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I use PHASE 1 as per glossier’s suggestion of use. Whenever I apply Phase 1 products on my face I achieve a dewy look minus looking heavy all I need to do is to fix my brows and I am good to go! In my opinion Phase 1 is good for lazy and on-the-go girls like me who has a little amount of prep time in the mornings. It also changed my makeup routine to be honest. If you have glossier questions feel free to ask 🙂



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