{review} Canmake Airy Cover Fit Foundation

Sometimes the world just conspires and it gives you the things you badly need. A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for a good face powder because I have reached the pan of my previous. And a ray of light shine upon me and gave me this face powder.

On a serious note, I got this powder from the Canmake event last June together with other Canmake goodies that I will review soon.


This powder called, the Airy Cover Fit Foundation is a new addition to the Canmake family. It is a light powder foundation with great coverage.

Formulation designed to melt like a mousse, for a velvety-smooth texture. Contains a highly flexible powder that quickly and evenly blends into your skin to provide a flawless finish.

DSC03576 DSC03581

This is in shade #1 it comes with a very soft sponge and with a foundation case

DSC03577 DSC03579 DSC03580

Since it is in its deconstructed mode, you need to put the things together and “tadaaah”



Now for the swatch, I was kinda in shock to see that the shade is might not match my skin because it is very light but then I remember powders are supposed to set and sink in your face so… yeah it might not really be a problem.


I also tried it on my face… so here below is my bare face… hahaha please excuse my very early morning face.


^ Bare face at 8 AM ^


^ Applied with Canmake Airy Fit Foundation  at 8AM (1st application) ^


^ Canmake Airy Fit Foundation at 9:30AM  without retouch ^


^ Canmake Airy Fit Foundation  at 5PM without retouch ^

Infairness to this powder it can withstand Manila’s humid weather and it really did sunk well into my skin! I love how the powder fit my skin well and doesn’t cake at all and it feels so light. Also as a mixed type of skin person, I like the coverage, especially when the powder sinked in, I don’t look oily or dry. Unlike with other foundation powders, it blends well with my skin, it is not nakaangat.


For Pinays like me who is busy the whole day and is exposed to the sun and hustle and bustle of daily commute, I recommend you guys this powder. I am liking it since day 1 and I think I have found the right powder that suits me. For the retail price of ₱1,140.00 you get what you pay for. 

Here are some of my unfiltered/edited photos using Canmake’s Airy Fit Foundation:



If you want to know more or purchase this powder you can visit Canmake’s website here or visit a Canmake store near you 🙂

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  1. Wow! this is a really good review. This made me sure to pay for canmake’s airy foundation powder!
    Thank for good review!

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