Guess who’s back?

Summer’s getting over in a few and I cannot wait for the rainy season to come! Why? Because I want this El Niño to end soon… I can’t take the heat anymore. And of course fashion-wise I cannot wait to rock my outerwears and boots already.

I have a new, favorite, outerwear now and this is the sukajan from Japan-Lover.Me. If you are wondering what does sukajan mean. Sukajan is a Japanese word/term in means souvenir jacket in english.


Outfit Details: Sukajan from Japan-Lover Me Store, top from Uniqlo, shorts from Cache-Cache, socks from Topshop and platform sandals from Primadonna.

AKP_7498I also got my bangs back because people don’t notice me without it. Like, I need to introduce myself when I approach them… ex. Me: Hi!, person: hello(?), Me: Anne Pinero, remember?, person: OH YEAH! I didn’t recognize you because you don’t have bangs anymore…. stuff like that hahaha and a friend told me that Anne Piñero is to bangs.


Photos by Jet Bolado

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