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I’ve been in a love – hate relationship with my weight since I learned about my BMI back in grade school, thanks for my P.E. class for the heads up and constant self nagging on how to gain weight and not to be underweight anymore. Fast forward to present I now have achieved a normal BMI at last after a long struggle of gaining weight #skinnyproblems.

It is not noticeable in the photo, but I actually gained weight in real life! From 45kg to 50kg (L-R: 2009/2011/2015)

Since I gained weight, of course I got happy about the fact, but I am having mixed emotions about it because my body is currently not in proportion. My torso is not proportioned with my arms, while my legs are ok though I have a big belly that I blame the rice for giving me an unforgivable one. From 25 to 29 waistline… I AM SURPRISED!

my arms are too thin for my torso
My arms are too thin for my torso.

I don’t fit into most of my trousers anymore and I can’t stand it because I love all of my trousers and I can’t let it go because I already let go of some of my denim shorts and pants. Since I learned that I gained I started to buy a new set of bottoms and then my parents told me it’s not the solution but to exercise.

I have a very close friend who also has the same dilemma as I do. We have this mantra that we live on to that things will really kick in — “invest on something para mapilitan ka matuloy”. I remember we both bought a jump rope so that we can exercise hahaha. I also realized that I don’t have athletic shoes, I only have casual rubber shoes and the gym instructor near my place told me to wear the right kind of shoe for me to be comfortable and para iwas injury. So I browsed online for ~*sporty*~ because I’m stocking up on sportswear and I saw these amazing shoes from Mizuno at ZALORA. While browsing Mizuno’s stuff, I suddenly remember Hana Kimi Japan drama series… The guys there wear stuff from Mizuno. hahaha

Anyway, can you guys please help me choose which kind of rubber shoes to get, so I can kick in my on/off exercise session to achieve a proportioned body.


Oh dear, I really hope for the best and have a proportioned body by 3 to 6 months (lol haha).

Photo credit: Zalora

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