24 years

In a few weeks… I’ll be turning 25. I don’t know why but turning 25 feels different! I haven’t been excited and nervous like this, because in the past… I don’t want people to know that it’s my birthday. I even hide it on social media due to some reasons, LOL. There’s one thing I love about hiding my birthday on social media esp. on FB, I got to know people who remember my birthday hehehe.

Since the day, I turned 18 until now I learned a lot about life despite of being a #YOLO person from time to time. Things in life like you can’t always have the things (esp. non-material) in life, challenges makes you a stronger person, having knowledge about “self-worth”, love, life, luck, money and career.

Who would have thought that I’ll be turning 25 this year but I still look like a 16-year-old. LOL! Thank you God for letting me reach this old age.♥

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