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Hi guys! I’ve been dipping myself for the past few hours again on Highsnobiety and hypebeast and there’s this category in highsnobeity called the “sneaker rotation” and I told myself I should do this kind of thing also. Here I’m going to share with you guys half of my shoe collection because I categorized my footwear into 2, sneakers and non-sneakers. Here I show you guys my sneakers as of 2016…



I own at least a pair of chucks every decade of my lifetime and to be honest, it has been a long while since I got myself a pair of chucks since high school. I’m so lucky enough to score a pair of these because this model is rare here in PH and this kind of shoes are SOOOOO Harajuku kawaii street fashion… aomoji-kei.



And here goes the three stripes…


This is my 1st pair of Adidas, it’s so sentimental to me because it’s KYARY PAMYUPAMYU’s shoes! I can still remember the time I fangirled in Adidas BGC because I saw this on their window display. I was so surprised that this model reached PH because I thought it was only released in JP that time. #FANGIRL #KPP_PH #FanclubFounder hahaha .


I got this bb for a very steal price when the hype was sooooooooo high here in PH +  I didn’t even sweat to get myself a pair, it was like a meant-to-be/fate. It’s so classic it reminds me of vintage Sesame Street… and I can match it to everything. Yeah, because white.


AKP_4490Sentimental bbs! I got this from Japan Lover Me Store straight from Japan yo! I always wear this whenever I feel like a chic who needs to walk for long hours. I love this pair to bits because it’s so light and classic.

Japan Lover Me Store – they sell legit Japanese goods straight from Japan! They also sell sneakers there called Lafeet and they also sell the limited ed Takasi Murakami x Vans! They also sell Sukajans… go check them out!



OOOOH This pair is one of my to-die-for pairs because I always wanted to have this back in Highschool but whenever I visit vans it’s always not available and who would have thought that I’ll receive such gift last Christmas from my parents, hohoho!



Bucketfeet is art and art and shoes can come together, therefore Bucketfeet. I love how unique Bucketfeet’s designs are. As you can see, it’s kinda worn-out already because it’s my favorite go-to pair! I can match it with everything/anything.

That’s all! I still think and want more sneakers but my parents are kinda limiting me to buy new pairs because they said I already have plenty. BUUUUUT my checklist is not yet complete I still lack a pair of Black Superstar 80’s. a pair of all-white Stan Smith velcros, a new pair of classic AF-1 and a pair of Bait x Onitsuka Tiger x Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary limited edition pair. huhuhu feel my hype. Well anyway, I still don’t know how to call my other shoe collection because it’s a mix of leather dress shoes, chunky heels and platforms… help me think of a name pls.

And before I end this, did you notice something with my sneaker rotation? If you do please feel free to leave a comment down below and tell me what you think 🙂

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