New Glasses

After a bajillion years, I finally have a new pair of specs! I got it from Paterno, Quiapo last weekend.

Initially, I already have a crush on Super Numero 08, that I saw from Ronnie and Joe last year. I really planned to buy the pair by December as Christmas gift to myself and as a ~goodjob-welldone~ prize also… but to my dismay I didn’t get my hands on a pair Numero08 because it got sold-out. Like I am just 2 weeks late of being sold-out.

Retrosuperfuture Numero 08
Retrosuperfuture Numero 08

Believe it or not, I got teary eyed inside Ronnie and Joe the moment they told me that fact. It felt like a heartbreak and seriously I had a hard time to move on. Until after a few weeks I messaged Retrosuperfuture on their social media sites and even texted them but yeah it’s sold-out and even on Retrosuperfuture’s website. After a few more weeks, I settled to look for a look-a-like. I decided to go to Quiapo to get a pair of prescriptions because my parents told me it’s better to have it done there than from the mall. Anyway, after my usual Hidalgo-fix where I usually GAS for like 2 hours, I went to the street next to it called Paterno. Paterno street is known for being the spectacles heaven, where you can get your prescription for as low as 800Php!

12644762_10209281898983560_9069110710184368915_nIt was kinda hard to look for a pair like the one from Super’s because I am very picky about this aviators. Yes there are a lot of aviator frames out there but there’s this something that I can’t even explain but I know which is which and which is perfect.  And after the numerous shop-to-shop hunt for the perfect pair… I finally found the one! The moment I saw this pair, I felt butterflies and saw rainbows  hahahaha, ganern! I asked the shop staff for it and called it mine in a heartbeat!


Say hello to far-sighted 50/50 me! Anyway, I promise to take care of this pair and I am so happy I can also FINALLY channel the 80s/90s asian look, hehe.

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  1. Hi! I love your glasses! I’ve been looking for aviator eyeglass frames online and I can’t find what I want. Around how much did you spend for your glasses? Also, may I know the shop you got your glasses from so I’ll know where to start? I’m planning to go to Paterno St maybe this weekend. 🙂

    1. Hi Jeri! Sorry for my super late reply 🙁 Anyway, my specs costs 1,800 all in all frames + graded lenses (while you wait). I forgot the name of the shop where I bought it, but it kinda reminds me of a Muslim-sounding name. I suggest that you go over all the shops and find the specs that you really want because that’s what I did. If you are into brand new japanese vintage frames (costs around 2,500) Paterno St. has it also

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