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Hey oh hey! I just want to share to you guys my pen haul for the last 2 weeks. If you don’t know, I am a huge modern calligraphy hobbyist. I do a lot of script stuff using my brush and china ink to do my commissions and personal stuff. Recently, my mother told me it’s ok to invest on writing materials because I need it for my sideline, hehe.


If you’re gonna ask where I bought these, I bought these at Living Well – Podium. It’s also available at Gourdo’s but I’m not sure if available in all branches. Well anyway, I bought 3 brushes… 2 brush pens and 1 water brush for detailing.


Both are from Zig Kuretake brand. I got myself the famous No. 22 and a sweet No. 91 for shading purposes for my drawings.

IMG copy

No. 22 is very pigmented but my only comment is, why is it so dry, even if I pressed the thing that needs pressing? Or am I just using it wrong? But nonetheless, it’ll be my go-to brush pen for sure.


Here is No.91. Originally I planned to use this on my drawings but I love the color so much it gives me this “watermark” effect. I love the opacity and flow. I like the fluidity of this pen tho to compare with No. 22.


Finally after a bazillion years, I now have a quality water brush /throws confetti/! It’s a detailing brush and I think I need to practice more using this brush because…


My writing’s kinda messy and it’s unforgivable. I’d like to give myself a hug tho because I tried to pull off that gradient lettering HAHAHAHA.


Lastly, I bought a fountain pen from Inoxcrom, from Scribe Megamall,  because I cannot find my old fountain pen. I remember I asked my parents to buy me a fountain pen back in grade school because calligraphy was a thing in my school back then. hehe


I love the point and grip of an Inoxcrom pen. The thing I like about my new fountain pen is I can use a converter (if that’s the term) for it and just do unlimited ink refills.


There you have it! I’ll try to blog about my OG modern calligraphy materials sometime and share to you drear reader some of my works from my lettering commisions 🙂 Until next blog post!


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