PUSH by BJ Pascual

Ever since BJ made the announcement that he’ll be releasing a book, I got so excited and happy to have a copy! Until the said day of release… I told myself that I should have a copy ASAP!

Ok ok, November 25, around 8:25-30-ish I purchased 2 BJ Pascual books 1 for me and my mama and 1 for my officemate, and my friend JM also purchased a copy. We went to FB’s Topshelf and black and white balloons surprised us… from the door to the main venue

Black and white balloons scattered all over the venue

The moment when BJ snapchatted (is there such a word?) this 8 seconds of our lives shouting “ANO NA?” all together was soooo awesome ♥

BJ Pascual books <3
JM and BJ 🙂


Ever since our first photo together, we always do the peace sign, hehe. I’m an avid supporter/follower/fan of BJ since I met him way back 2013 he was just 25 then and I was 22 or 21 (I think). After that said day, thru BJ I suddenly knew what I really want to do in life, to be a photographer like him. I consider him as one of my Heroes and I am very thankful of BJ because he is very kind, helpful, an eye opener and so much more… I remember after a year (2014) of meeting him in person I sent him a very loooong email… I re-read it again this time and I got so emotional because BJ is such an inspiration. And BJ is also one of the reasons behind my first Preview gig ♥


I have 2 BJ Pascual books!!! ♥

As always BJ, I (and JM) will support you forever 🙂
Thank you BJ 🙂 I promise to do good! Love you! This means so much to me.


To you my co-BJ fan: I’m still half-way reading BJ’s book and I recommend you to also have one!!! It’s a dreamer’s must-have… 😀

To BJ: Whenever I read your book it makes me smile 🙂 AAAAND thank you and congratulations I (and JM) am here to support you all the way 🙂 You are truly an inspiration… Keep inspiring ♥♥♥

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