Can’t Sleep

I’m writing this right now because I can’t sleep, and it’s almost 3:00 AM already. I’m currently listening to Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist OST at the moment. That movie’s soundtrack gives me so much feels ever since the 1st time I heard it. And oh, I got myself a new ukulele because I achieved the promise I made to myself… #YEY!

Photo on 12-5-15 at 4.32 PM #2 Photo on 12-5-15 at 4.32 PM

I’m happy about this achievement of mine because it’s like I just 2 birds in one stone. I have a new hobby now + I got to learn something new. I thought music won’t love me back I guess I just need to search the right instrument for me and its the uke! BTW, I got mine from the Uke Box Caffe. You guys should visit that caffe it has this Korean cafe vibe + you can buy and/or rent ukes!

I can confidently say that I can play the song Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John without looking at the chord sheet 😀 So happy! But haha I haven’t memorized the lyrics that well yet. Well anyway, this is my first serious cover… If you have time please check it out.

Also lately, I’ve been drawing a lot again which is a very good news for me. I’m back at drawing people and due to constant practice I think I am starting to reach my style back when I stopped drawing. + I got to learn how to scan images properly now with our flatbed at home. I’ll start scanning one by one my drawings. but for the meantime here are some of my current drawings #ArtPH.

A portrait of Karen Yeung
Jar Jar Binks wearing an Adidas Originals shirt
Bruce Lee Game Of Death fan art

Do you wanna know what I am craving right now? Yes this cup of milkcow soft served and that huge macaron. I summon all thee to let me have another cup of milkcow asap and another box of macarons from TWG pls huhu #cravings.

On another note, I’m currently resurrecting this blog little by little and I think I am currently doing a good job. Hehehe I hope someone could give me a scout badge for being personally active again. I guess this is also a part of moving on? Is this called self-love? I’m not sure, but currently I feel accomplished and happy.

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