Dream Come True

I woke up so early today just to realize everything that I feel and see right now are real. I am really ecstatic ever since God knows when I was booked to photograph Coleen Garcia for Preview Magazine. I’d like to share you guys a bit of backstory of my life why I feel so immensely happy right now.


Back in 2014, Kaila asked me what is my dream via email, I answered her back by giving her a very novel-like letter telling her what I wanna do in life and what do I want to be. Here’s a part of my letter to her that made me speechless right now…

March 25, 2014 | email subject: "Dream Ko"
March 25, 2014 | email subject: “Dream Ko”

To be honest I’m teary-eyed typing everything right now because this is very close to my heart and this is a big proof that DREAMS DO COME TRUE and God is really kind, He grant my wish… my dream. Well to every dreamer. My friends know how big I really want this (to be a fashion Photographer) to happen in my life and I hope to have more and more and more photoshoots to come. Anyway I just want to keep this short and sweet hahaha! Scroll down a bit to see more photos of Coleen…

A photo posted by Anne Piñero (@annepinero) on


A photo posted by Anne Piñero (@photobyannepinero) on

Coleen Garcia for Preview Magazine: July 2015 – My Life In Beauty
Art Direction by Eugene David
Styled by Maura Rodriguez
Makeup by Pong Niu for Mac Cosmetics
Hair by Ethan David
Photo By Anne Piñero
Assisted by Ian Ebol
Shot on Location: Fitness first, Sm Aura 

I really want to thank Preview Magazine, Miss Maura and Stylebible.Ph!!! *gives a huge-warm embrace*

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