Hee Jin Min

I have been working for the music industry for almost a year now. I have designed a handful of albums already; from OPM to compilations and sometimes foreign indie too. Time to time I also get art-block/black cloud/missing-blue-moon or simply un-inspired… when that time comes I always land on looking at KPOP album designs. I must say every album design is unique and really inspiring.

Whenever a new KPOP release lands here in the country I always make it a point to see the whole album artwork and after browsing I hurry to look at the album credits just to know who designed the album and search for him on the internet. I have the name but I always fail finding one because Korean names are so common… for example I searched for Lee Hye Son(I just made this up) and when you see the results google will just give you a bunch of Lee Hye Sons and will not see the Lee that I want to discover… oh well…

Anyway the other day I was browsing EXO’s wolf album. The design was really amazing and really got me inspired. Out of my curiosity I again tried google-ing one of the names of the people who designed the album and guess what! I managed to look for Hee Jin Min!

Her name is Hee Jin Min. She is the creative director of SM Entertainment. According to this blog post (and where I also got the pics hehe), she is the one who oversees SM’s visual images… like for Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ, Exo, Shinee and etc. etc.

Here are some of her works:

If you will notice the styles are somewhat connected to one another like Shinee’s Romeo to Shinee’s Misconceptions of Me/You to Exo’s Wolf and look at the style of Mr. Simple and I Got A Boy… Even if it looks somewhat the same but you can still notice which is which…

Oh HOW I WISH I could contact her and message/email her how she got me very inspired by her work and tell her that she is one of the design people that I look up to…

If you buy music albums, go check also the one who designed it and be inspired like me 😉

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